2016-04-19 Meeting Notes


19 April 2016



Discussion Items

10 minutestalked about meeting frequency / formatall
  • we decided to meet every other week. One meeting a month will be 10-15 minutes, the other 45 min- 1 hour. The long meetings may be shortened if there are not enough topics/discussion to fill them - we will avoid meeting for meeting's sake. Some of these meetings might be at lunch - or we might even do a walk.
5 minutestalked about documentationallJosh has been created wiki pages to document our multitude of services. A Trello page has been set up for off-sprint projects
25 minuteswhat's going wellall

The Fedora upgrade went very well, hurray Ryan. Ryan also moved 10 vms into 1. Programming and sprinting are going smoothly and people feel they are gaining skills and knowledge and making better progress on sprints. Transparency in project planning and progress going well, also. SCARC is extremely happy with Archon


20 minuteswhat's not going so well/ barriersall

Metadata continues to take a lot of Ryan W.s time. Bulk ingest continues to take time, too.

Hydra Tech calls - a good use of time? perhaps not. Think about taking turns on these calls and report anything of importance

JIRA is not a great return on investment for our group. The only thing we are really using it for is the broken equipment form. There are about 10 tickets a month and for the classrooms - 10 tickets in the past 6 months or so.

When we get the new core, the VLAN for the thin clients will need to move to VMs. This could get messy.

Action Items

  • Margaret Mellinger (Unlicensed) Set up bi-weekly meetings 
  • All - when a call for agenda items comes out, send in topics of discussion  and an estimate of how long it will take  -we'll use this meeting template for agendas and notes.  
  • Margaret Mellinger (Unlicensed) draft a communication about JIRA to send to all stakeholders (and find out who they all are)  ; the license will come up for renewal in September - we should have another solution in place for the Broken Equipment form so that we can drop the license and save around 4K 
  •  For one of our upcoming longer meetings, take a tour of the Milne server room.