2024-01-25 Meeting notes



Discussion items

10 minutesDemo LIT form https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eyyYgiV8NLW43T8ChristaEveryone test out the form.  Hoping to launch 2/1 
10 minutes Demo Wiki look and feel Kenna and Christa

Question:  Can we do redirects? and at what level 

Need more information about this. 

Space IDs are still present but page ID numbers may have changed. 

Vs Library Information Technology

10 minutesWiki issue with SSO and Shared LEAD desks  - see attached information Margaret, Ryan OCorey and Dave can work on this. 
5 minutesOther wiki questions:  
Wiki issue with Free Disk space;  
Should we stop any wiki updates on a certain day before migration? 
Margaret, allWaiting for Ryan O. 
5 minutesOJS is generating a lot of spam email.  Example attached. Should we purchase Akismet and use the OJS plug-in to stop spam? Margaret, Cara, Ryan O.Margaret going ahead to order Akismet
5 minutes SA@OSU  and large datasets.  We have a researcher who wants to put 200-300 GB datasets in SA@OSU periodically. Can we support this? Our BitTorrent process is not working for downloads of the most recent big dataset. Cara, Ryan O. Waiting for Ryan O. 
15 minutesStand up All 

Christa- qualtrics stuff 
Corey - SA@OSU  2 deploys out this week. Kenna B can deposit now. Monitor analytics, much improved, but will look at more today. 
Sarah - emails, stuff with getting things in order for ag experiment station.  Correct  some of the formatting for Kenna B.  Potato Bytes.  Search committee. 
Brandon - SA@OSU.   Kenna B. role.
Tu - SA@OSU enhancement.  Torrent report form. 
Cara - SA@OSU sprint, user support, MetaArchive Meeting, ACM deposit pipeline, OLAQ publication, LFA meeting, charter review, faculty self-evaluation.  Research project. 
Kenna -  Google Analytics old data. 
Hui - new software release for Primo, annual review, MetaArchive, ExLibris meeting with Central staff for Alma Optimization
Ryan W.  - 1000 finding aids went into ArcLight.  Seeing what data looks like. Helping out with OD compound object issues.  
Marc - Broadband - add provider info to tool, Water data portals, looking at Socrato.  Sagebrush work , OE Redesign
Beth -  Prepping for OD to start back up (4th enhancements WC).  
Margaret - LAMP, Goal 3 work, some search. committee work

Action items