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OSU Libraries has contracted with Madison Avenue Collective (MAC) to conduct research on the OSUL website (including Cascades and Guin) and provide recommendations for site architecture in preparation for our move from the end-of-life Drupal 7 to Drupal 9/10. They will complete this work in two phases as described in the Scope of Work. After that work is completed, LIT will begin implementation. 

Please direct questions to Margaret Mellinger.  If Margaret is not available, Beth Shields can field questions.

titleScope of Work

Phase 1 Discover (Research and Strategy)

MAC will complete an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the current website and our organizational goals and objectives. MAC will use the findings of this assessment to make informed, strategic, and tailored recommendations regarding the architecture, design, and development of the new website as we move into later phases of the project. MAC will complete the following work to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project, your objectives, and your target audiences.

  • Internal Document Review

  • Comprehensive Website Audit (UX Information Architecture and Content)

  • Online Survey

  • Interviews and Focus Groups (up to 10 hours)

  • Website Analytics Audit


  • Key findings from internal document review

  • Comprehensive website audit

  • Survey results and key findings summary

  • Interviews/focus group recordings

  • Website analytics audit

  • Summary written report of key findings & recommendations

  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to key stakeholders

Phase 2 UX/UI Planning and Design

UX/UI Planning & Design, MAC will take the approved recommendations from the previous phase and use them to define a web strategy for your project that meets the goals and objectives while also beginning to implement this through the creation of a new information architecture (IA) and visual design mockups. This phase is informed by the

findings from our Discovery and further collaborative discussions with your project team. The purpose of this phase is to think strategically about the user tasks, content, user pathways, and design choices to plan the new web information architecture, wireframes, and ultimately the interface visual design. This approach allows us to plan, develop, test, and implement a new design and web architecture along with user acceptance testing. To do this we’ll complete the following tasks.

  • Website Information Architecture (IA)

  • Functional and Technical Specifications Documentation

  • Homepage Visual (UI) Design Mock-ups

  • Visual Design (UX/UI) for Mobile and Desktop

  • User Testing


  •  Information Architecture (IA) for the three OSU Libraries websites:,,

  • Functional & Technical Specifications Documentation

  • Two Homepage Visual (UI) Design Mock-ups

  • Visual Design files for all templates (up to 10 total) and all components used in site design and development, which will be applied to all three sites.

  • Visual Website Style Guide identifying color and other differentiating design elements

  • Clickable website prototype in Figma

  • User test development (tasks and screens) with written summary of findings

  • Facilitation of 5 user testing sessions with recorded audio/videos

See attachment for full proposal.

Timeline: October 2023 - August 2024

TaskWho is involved Start dateEnd dateComments
Kick off Meeting with MACMAC staff,  Beth Shields
Margaret Mellinger, Kenna Warsinske, Corey Gillen 

PHASE 1  Discovery (MAC and OSUL people) October 2023 - January 2024

Internal Document Review

MAC staff10/11/2023

Online SurveyMAC staff10/11/2023


Final Survey link (for distribution):
Website AuditMAC staff10/11/2023
Includes Monsido (accessibility evaluation tool)

Website analytics audit

MAC staff10/112023
Google Analytics for sites, Primo and Canvas
Focus Groups/InterviewsOSU Students, OSU Faculty, ECampus, Branches, LEAD, Library Admin, LIT, RAS, R&L   LIST OF PARTICIPANTS, Dates and Times




Completed 12/1

Focus groups of 4-6 people at 1 hour each.  Questions will be sent to participants in advance.

Summary Report 

MAC staff; all library staff
12/2023Report summary presented to library in Admin briefing. Full report attached. 

Presentation of findings

MAC staff and small group in early January.  Summary to all library staff at Admin briefing 1/18/24

Submitted Requisition for payment of first phase - MAC and Mellinger 

PHASE 2 UX/UI Planning and Design (MAC) January 2024 - March 2024

Information Architecture

MAC staff
Ending March 25Generally 1 site with 3 locations (Corvallis/Valley, Newport/Guin, Bend/OSU Cascades) 

Visual Design for all three sites

MAC StaffBeginning April 1 

Two Homepage Visual (UI) Design Mock-ups

MAC Staff, presented to all library staff

Presentation of designs

An opportunity to provide feedback on designs will be given to all library staff.  
Decisions about the final design will be made after input from all   with Anne-Marie and Kerri as the final decision-makers

Technical Documentation

MAC staff

Style Guide

MAC staff

User test development

MAC staff

User testing

MAC staff

PHASE 3 Implementation (LIT) March 2024- August 2024

Build new websites using MAC designs

Beth Shields, Kenna Warsinske, Corey Gillen

UIT consultation as needed; potential for new contract with MAC. 

Test new websites

Using MAC tests, LIT staff and others

Meet usability and accessibility standards

Launch new sites

OSUL, Guin, Cascades

8/15/2024This is possibly a beta launch - test during fall term, roll out final design in January 2025

PHASE 4 Maintenance (LIT and others) January 2025

Create Web Team

LIT is proposing that all departments will have a point person on the Web Team (subject to LAMP conversation and approval)

The point person will be trained to work with web pages, to help others in their departments.  They will bring issues and ideas to quarterly meetings. 
Train Web TeamLIT and Web Team

Using the documentation (technical and visual standards )
Schedule quarterly meetings

Web Team

To discuss any issues with creating and maintaining pages.  To help plan for any larger change or enhancement. 
Devise processes for maintenance and enhancements

LIT and Web Team

Clearly define who is responsible for maintenance and the document the processes for deciding on major changes to the site (s).