Library Information Technology


How to get help from LIT 


What is an emergency?  

Emergencies are when a critical system like Alma, Primo, ILLiad, Library Website, ScholarsArchive@OSU, Oregon Digital, Study Rooms, or the Wiki is down.  Also, if there is a power outage, printing is down, or lots of LC  computers are down.  If an issue is keeping library users from doing what they need to do, it's an emergency.  

What do I do?  

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Report on #tech-emergency Slack channel

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm  and 7:30 am - 8:00 am.  
Call and leave a voice message at (541) 737-8989

What happens after I report ?

An LIT staff member will get the message, alert the appropriate people to begin fixing the issue, and communicate with library public services staff about an estimated time for a resolution to the problem. 

Non-Emergency Issues

Contact Library Information Technology with problems, questions, requests, or a new project idea.

System Status Dashboards

Where can I check system status?  

About DUO

University IT has turned on DUO verified push (11/6/2023), which requires either a mobile device or a physical token to authenticate.  The old DUO fobs will be retired in April 2024.

What is replacing DUO fobs?

If a library employee does not have a cell phone that will work, or prefers not to use their personal device for authentication, LIT will provide a Yubi-key, which is a more secure physical token than the DUO fobs were.  Send an email to Margaret Mellinger. 

What if I forget my phone?

If a person doesn't have their phone or Yubi-key, the back up plan is to

  • Contact CN Service Desk (541) 737-8787 to set up a video call, or visit in person in Milne.

  • The Service Desk staff can give the employee a temporary code that lasts up to 4 days.  After that, another code can be given for another 4 days.  

  • Meanwhile, LIT can help by ordering a Yubi-key and to help set it up.  

  • DUO Website

What do I do with my old DUO fob?

Turn in your DUO fob to David Manela - they are e-waste and need to be sent to Environmental Health and Safety for disposal.

Staff Computer Support

For staff computer support, contact CN-Service Desk or 541-737-8787.

OSULP pays CN to support staff computers and to push important security updates to them.   If you have questions about how to frame your CN request, please reach out to LIT staff on Slack in the public #lit channel.