LIT Hardware and Software Ordering


  • LIT has a budget to refresh staff computers (on a 4 year cycle), and to purchase needed peripherals (monitors, cables, etc.). David Manela advises on the specifications of the equipment and negotiates deals with some of our suppliers.
  • Use the Contact form to request computers, servers, printers, and other technology equipment for the library.  Include the following information:
    • Date needed
    • Index and activity code to charge
    • Who to notify when the item is ordered and when it arrives.
  • Orders are placed through BennyBuy, the university's e-procurement system. If an order will be over $5,000.00, check with your supervisor.
  • Save packing receipts and give to David Manela.


  • Email Margaret Mellinger to consult on software purchases. If the software is not expensive, and/or does not need Library Information Technology to support it, we may ask a department to purchase it on their own index. An example of this is an online-only tool ordered by one department called Dedoose. Another example is the license for Admin staff to have Microsoft Project.
  • LIT is covering Adobe licenses for all employees who need this product in their work - send an email to Margaret Mellinger to request.
  • Part of the reason we ask people in other departments to check with LIT about software packages or software as a service (SaaS) is that we can help think through how that software will be integrated and supported, and we can advise on where to purchase.
  • Places we check for software pricing, along with distributor websites: