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NameGoogle AnalyticsDrupal VersionPHP VersionMySql VersionCI through GithubConnected to BackupsActive dev?monitoring
Valley Library377.1

Oregon Explorer377.3

Press39.4 (not merged)8
yes – with a kick. No automatic from circleyesyes---
Oregon Century Farm Ranch377.3

Biblionot yet77.3


ReadingDisconnected. Unnecessary.77.3

*Ellies LogDisconnected---------Not as automatic as I'd like
needs set up---
*Lib Guides3---------Theme is backed up, but certain javascript isn't saved yet.

*Illiad3---------Nothing automatic. Development still happens through connected folders, but a key exists.


Additional thing: Drupal sites in the cluster use a NFS share from Gravy (SAS backed tank pool) which is slowing us down quite a bit.