Editing your staff profile

From the OSU Libraries main page, click on My Account in the top right corner 

Scroll down to Staff Website Login, clicking the link. 

Click the Log in button, which will take you to the OSU ONID log in page. 
Log in with your ONID and password.

Authenticate with DUO

This brings you to the intranet page. You can tell you are logged into Drupal
because there is an extra black navigation bar at the top along with a log out button.

Click on your name on the right side of the navigation bar. 

Click the edit tab above your name to get into the edit menus.
Go back to the view tab any time you want to see how your edits look. 

You can edit your Account Information, Directory info, Brief CV, Pubs-Presentations and Committees
You do not have to add content on each of these areas

  • Photos are uploaded on the Account menu:  images larger than 225x250 pixels will be scaled down.
  • Then move to Directory information.  
    • You may add Blogs or Websites, Primary duties, and Subjects (only if you are a subject liaison) 
    • For Subject Liaisons only:  Areas of expertise and Colleges that you click
      will appear on the Liaisons to Colleges and Program page, so be sure you are choosing the right ones. 
  • Click SAVE 

Next fill out your brief CV - this appears in the box under your name. This information includes
Research interests and Awards and gives an option for uploading a Full CV. 

Click save when you have finished.  

Fill in publications (click save) 

Then your committees  (click save) 

We are not using widgets right now. 

That's about it!  Preview your profile to be sure things look as you wish.

Remember to save often and to log out of your Drupal account when you are done.

If you have questions, contact Margaret Mellinger or Kenna Warsinke.