2016-06-14 Meeting Notes


14 June 2016



Discussion Items

10 minutesUpdatesEveryone
20 minutes

Sprint Scheduling



Consider doing sprints a bit differently 2 week sprints, but string together a few sprints in a row to help devs focus on the project. 6-8 week sprint

Concern is that letting something sit for months will be detrimental to the projects we are not focusing on.

Concern: would like to have people cross-trained in all the projects the programmers do.

Idea: split up the team - could specialize for a certain amount of time

Decide philosophy of development: motivation for agile was to get people out of silos and broadening skills.

Another point about 2 week sprints - these will work okay for maintaining and tweaking, but it's too quick a cadence for getting a lot done.

Would be good to have a webmaster - good strategic move.


10 -15 minutes

LGBTQ and Gender pronouns

Why pronouns matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_yBGQqg7kM 

Pronouns in table format: http://www.transstudent.org/pronouns101

Glossary: http://www.transequality.org/issues/resources/transgender-terminology 

Questions to think about:

  • How can we, as an organization, be more welcoming for transgender or gender-non-conforming people? What strategies can we use as individuals, or collectively? 
  • Where does your department’s work imply or assume gender? What can your department do to be more gender inclusive?
  • What do you and your staff want/need to learn about gender issues?
EveryoneAre not a lot of women in tech - but it's taken years to not to assume that meetings are full of "guys" or "dudes" - we want to be more inclusive and have
5-10 minutesFloat dates and ideas for department retreatEveryoneGathering Together Farms
5 minutesHydra ConnectEveryone

Mike, Brandon and Josh

Greg and Ryan will be going to the next Hydra Developer's congress

5 minutesReview action itemsEveryone 

Action Items

    • @Margaret will finish the document about Wiki, Shared Drives and Intranet and take to future Admin Briefing 
    • Devs can redirect the broken equipment form to libtech.support@oregonstate.edu
    • Dan and Margaret will work on updating the Technology Support Page
  • JIRA set up for custom forms  - Ryan O can grant permissions 
  • Confluence upgrade Ryan will get going on that.