2017-10-26 Meeting Notes


26 October 2017



  • Debrief about last week's retreat, following up on what's next 

Discussion Items

20-25 minutes

How have you integrated deep work (focused work) into your daily routine so far?

Other thoughts about the retreat?

  • Liked feeling good about ignoring slack - because focus time Icon was up
  • Liked some of the tools Slack offers
  • Need to get into the workflow of it.
  • Physical way of alerting others about unavailability
  • Dan hasn't had a chance to try it yet.
  • Greg finds it challenging to decide on an ending time. He likes his focus time be in the morning.
  • Synchronize calendar with Slack - apple script that Greg runs everyday. You could add a timer to it. There is a limitation because is can break the focus time if the timer runs out. Have keywords alerts set up.
  • Scheduling focus time - for josh it's just ad hoc - on the lookout for focus time. Super effective this week.
  • Idea to use something like LibAnswers and a shared calendar
  • Could be a channel - but you don't put anything in there unless it's an emergency. And maybe we schedule people to monitor that?
  • Focus time is not always a requirement. Josh notes that he would not know if he is going to have focus time until
  • Upshot is that everyone is to figure out what kind of focus time schedule or implementation works best for them
    We will update our emergency contact list and  
15-20 minutesReview ETS Problem form and how it connects to AsanaJosh and othersHold for next meeting
10-15 minutesReview ETS's old TRELLO boards and groom it for sunsettingAllDONE thanks all!

Action Items