2017-12-07 Meeting Notes


07 December 2017



Discussion Items

   Brandon out last week of December ; working on LibNav
   Greg take a couple weeks off 18-29th. Critical Tickets for SA -then kiosks
   Marc out 20-2; ArcGIS servers - upgrades

Kenna special day 26; LOO launching and redirect for HTTPS


Hui out 21, 22 special day and January 2-8 off. Work remote 26-29

Clean up ingestion and EZ deposit 2 PDS & tickets

   Steve off on 22 and coming back 2nd. Grease skids for SA coasting mode; plus a couple Hyrax things to organize
   Ryan W only taking special day - maybe a couple of other things. Help out with SA clean up; Archon possible https and php help needed OD stuff
   Margaret will be here over the holiday - hope to set a date for OD2 work to start, budget things, Asana and integrations - set up a ETS Open hours day
   Dave special day after new years, everything updated for next terms. New kiosks; Removing computers from Barnard.
   Josh special day 26 no other vacation. Migration complete. Done with TresBien feedback

Action Items