2017-08-17 Meeting Notes


17 August 2017



Discussion Items

30 minutesDiscuss projects that need to be done before fallETS
    • Primo Go Live (Critical, Not on track)
    • Scholars Archive (Critical, Not on track-ish)
    • Info-commons update - stalled a bit
    • Upgrades on computers for classrooms (Critical)
    • Possible server upgrades for OE
    • VLAN cutover 24th/28th )

8 minutesDiscuss developer time allocation after SA - in this priority orderETS
  • Kiosks (bug fixes, add Primo) - Put hardware proposal in front of Faye (Margaret) .
  • LibCal 
  • Website Re-theme
  • LibNav
22 minutesProduct management outside of ETSETS
  • Advocate for project to bridge the gap between users and development.
  • Declaration of why/Justification
  • Dog/Pony Show to show the usefulness of advocate/product owner/service manager
  • Who cares/ Who's job is it to care.
  • How do you convey the info down the chain?

Action Items