2017-09-07 Meeting Notes


07 September 2017



  • Give Zach feedback about his BeaverTracks project and point to next steps 
  • Decide - how are people using Asana?  Did we move everything over from Trello?  

Discussion Items

10 minutesWhat was your first car - what did you like about it?TBD 
15 minutesDemonstrate new Beaver Tracks appZach Winger
  • Q: How would you include modern images in the timeline? A: Upload new photos
  • Need to implement https to fully implement location service.
  • For the tour map, is there anyway to hide external ads?
  • Alternatively is there a way of highlighting other places?
  • Consider adding a map to help with Lat/Long generation?
  • Next steps - show Larry 
    • and then link from website
    • Share with other campus tour places
15 minutesTicketing system discussion - Asana, Trello and Github reviewallWork on reviewing Trello items at the Open Hours
5 minutesScheduling a celebration for our summer achievements - what and where?all

Early October or Mid-November

Tea & Crumpets

White Water Rafting

Escape Room (MU, Portland, Board Game)

Cards against Humanity

Paper airplane contest  

Happy hour?


Action Items